Even during these uncertain times, there is still plenty of beauty in our crazy world. Appreciate colours, be grateful for the spaces we have and keep looking at amazing ideas on how you can channel some of that into your home. We love to see how you decorate, zone your space or style a TLC piece - so please get sharing so we can stay together, even from afar.  Featuring: TLC Print 'Jungle' Cushion This light and airy farm house featuring TLC cushion and lampshades for colour pops. Brighten up your work space with our print cushions available online now, next day free delivery for Jersey customers.Featuring: TLC Print Cushion & Papaya lampshade.

Featuring: TLC 'Remi' Barstool and TLC print 'Tiger' lampshade.

Featuring: TLC 'Susie' Office Chair.

A very stylish desk chair in this cozy home. WFT never looked so good! This slim shape is also perfect if tight on space as our homes becoming even more multifunctional. See our bright and beautiful dining chairs that can double as funky desk chairs. Featuring: TLC print desk chair.

Featuring: TLC 'Frank' Dining/Desk chair

  Featuring: TLC Print Cushion

Featuring: TLC Print 'Together Always' lampshade 

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