We're so pleased to bring you our next 'Design your Own' collaboration with Kirstie from Flour Patisserie.

If you're yet to tuck into a mouthwateringly modern cupcake from Flour's charming Central Market bakery, we suggest you get down there to devour one pronto. As an independent bakery specialising in bespoke artisan cakes and bakes, we knew we could help bring the contemporary style Kirstie normally uses in the kitchen, to the living room. Keep reading to discover the secret ingredients Kirstie combines to make a sweet success of both her business and home.

"I am inspired by the ever changing trends in food, style and everything around me".

Q: Tell us a little about your business and how/why you got into it?
A: I started Flour in 2016 after having briefly baked and produced cakes and cupcakes in London. I decided to come back home and very quickly realised that there was a huge gap in the market for more artisan cakes and cupcakes. Whilst studying my BA in Fashion, Styling and Photography, I worked selling cupcakes and cakes for a company called Lola’s. I realised that my true passion lied in baking and so enrolled on a 1 year course in French patisserie after university. I eventually managed to get a job as a decorator at Lola’s whilst studying at Le Cordon Bleu. In the past 4 years my business has grown and grown and I find myself wondering at what point it will be big enough that I will start turning down orders. I find it extremely hard to say no and find myself working long hours and seven days a week but I don’t mind in the slightest. I love to be busy and stress is something I thrive on.

Q: Your cakes are always as visually stunning as they are delicious, what inspires your cake design?
A: Thank you! I find inspiration in many places like any creative. I am inspired by the ever changing trends in food, style and everything around me. Sometimes an idea will come to me on a walk, or whilst I’m creating something else or even in the middle of the night. I also look at food and cake design trends from around the world as this is the best way to keep up to date with ever changing styles.

Based on Flour's pastel branding, we dressed the Topaz Armchair in our Clever Cotton house fabric, colour: Cyprus.


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